LIVINGSTON (WBRZ) - A discussion among parish council members about repairing roads in Livingston Parish took a bumpy turn Tuesday night.

Leaders became upset with each other over setting up requirements for engineers who will do work under the parish road plan. They also argued over who should hire engineers for the project: the board or the parish president.

Eventually, citizens became upset with the situation.

"All y'all have done is take our tax dollars," a man shouted. "I'm tired of it," he exclaimed.

As the debate continued, the council also took jabs at each other publicly.

"We don't trust each other," Sonya Collins told her colleagues on the board. "Until we do, we are not going anywhere."

Jim Norred, another council member, said of the situation, "we are not working together." He warned political careers are on the line. "If we can't work together, none of us are going to get re-elected," he said.

Discussion about a qualifications list was tabled. 

The parish has $3.8 million to spend on road repairs throughout the parish. Among the roads being considered for repairs are Outback, South Satsuma Road, and Southpoint Boulevard. 

Image: WBRZ