LIVINGSTON (WBRZ) - Contractors who worked to clean up debris following Hurricane Gustav will still be waiting on money from the parish after FEMA decided not to foot the bill for their work.

FEMA claims the contractors cleared vastly more debris than what was deposited by the storm, so therefore, it will not honor payment requests from Livingston Parish.

"I had to hire 30 bucket truck crews and I paid everyone of them 90 percent, that's something that came out of my pocket, my life savings for that job, I am on the verge of bankruptcy," said Wendell Anthony, a contractor who worked after the storm.

Now the parish is on the hook for nearly $60 million, but even Parish President Layton Ricks admits they can't pay that.

"We've been waiting for years and years thinking we were gonna get paid because we did the work, there were no fraudulent findings in it from what I understand, and that's the reason it was shut down, because of that, so if you don't find any findings why not pay," questioned Sam Mack, a contractor who is still owed nearly $800,000.

The contractors said they had to foot the bill to their employees during the work, but now they may not be able to recoup their money and it's given their business a black eye.

Image: WBRZ