GONZALES- Owners of a 25-acre tract of land near I-10 are suing the city and council members for denying a rezoning request earlier this year.

South Park Business Center, Inc. is asking for $3 million and its rezoning request to be accepted. Mentioned in the suit are councilmen Gary Lacombe, Timothy Vessel, Terance Irvin and City of Gonzales.

The zoning debate concerns property on Highway 44, near another controversial piece of property: the planned site for Crawford Electric's 54,000 square foot warehouse. In a vote similar to the rezoning denial of South Park, the way the three councilmen voted in the meeting lost the city the opportunity to have the company build its facility.

In court documents, attorneys for South Park Business Center argue the three men did not have "education, training, or experience which provides these individuals with qualifications to make informed judgments concerning land use or zoning decisions."

The filing, obtained by the WBRZ News 2 Investigative Unit, also alleges the group abused the powers of their positions on the Gonzales City Council.

South Park wanted to subdivide its property into lots and sell or rent the spaces to business for heavy commercial establishments. 

Image: WBRZ