BATON ROUGE - State lawmakers will consider two bills aimed at speed traps Monday.

One of the bills would require local governing authorities to be labeled as speed traps if it makes more than 50 percent of its income or revenue from traffic tickets. The other bill, HB 962, would define speed traps and eliminate them all together.

Drivers we spoke with had mixed feelings about getting rid of speed traps.

"I think speed traps are necessary if you have an area where people are constantly speeding through and you're having accidents, then you need to have the ability to have a speed trap and slow people down," said Carole Brown.

"You know using the word trap, I think that may be the wrong word to use because it kind of feels like something is being done wrong," said Nikita Wilson.

HB 961 would require cities that rely on traffic tickets to put up signs with blinking lights to warn drivers of a speed trap ahead. Drivers say that would help to give people a heads up to slow down.

"You know once it's like that and individuals are giving you fair warning, and even with speeding there is no fair warning because you should speed but I think under those circumstances maybe they should get a double ticket," said Wilson.

If HB 961 passes, cities that fail to put up signs cannot collect money from traffic tickets. That money would go to the state treasury instead.

"When municipalities are using them for the majority of their annual funding, then that's trapping the people. That's not trapping the speeders," said Brown.

Legislators will also discuss banning cell phone use for drivers in personal vehicles.

Image: WBRZ