PORT ALLEN (WBRZ) - Mayor Deedy Slaughter will be able to keep her $85,000 salary a judge decided late Tuesday night, if the city council amends the budget.

Slaughter was sued by some members of the Port Allen City Council over a number of issues, including raising her salary without council approval.

Both sides claimed a win after court.

"The basic message we were trying to get across is the mayor has to obey the rules," the council's attorney, J. Arthur Smith III said. "The council has control over fiscal affairs of the city and if there will be expenditures the mayor needs approval from the council."

The judge said city council members did not properly reduce the mayor's pay by $20,000 prior to Slaughter taking office. However, the judge said she should repay some of the car allowance she receives as part of the pay package.

"He did rule in our favor in that regard that the council did not reduce the mayor's salary," Slaughter's attorney Ron Johnson said.

Slaughter will also be able to keep certain people from accessing city bank accounts online, including the chief financial officer.

But, it was not all a win for the mayor. A judge said she will not be able to use tax-payer money to pay for attorney fees unless the city council agrees.

The judge did not rule on the mayor's $2400 trip to Washington, D.C. where she had the city foot the bill. The mayor claimed to meet with senators who denied the meeting.

A council meeting is set for Wednesday night at Port Allen City Hall.