PLAQUEMINE (WBRZ) - Tuesday, Iberville Parish leaders will begin a discussion about if they want to ban sagging pants from the entire parish.

It is been a trend in local governments for the past few years, and is on the books in places In Louisiana such as Washington, Terrebone, Acadia and Lafourche.

Already in Iberville Parish, the city of Plaquemine has banned the fashion statement that people say is just wrong. Police have issued hundreds of citations.

"It's frustrating to look at," said parish councilman Louis "Pete" Kelley.

Kelley says wearing pants too low is inappropriate. He's proposing the parish ban pants and skirts that hang below the waist, or show underwear.

"I don't think that anybody should have to go to a store, or anywhere in this parish, and look at sagging pants where the undergarment is showing," said Kelley.

Kelley is proposing a first offender be fined $50, the second offense is $100 and a third is $100 plus community service.

While some people in Iberville Parish prefer people wear their pants the correct way, others say it's a personal preference.

"Maybe that's the way they want to dress," said Foy Harris. "They've got bigger fish to fry. I wouldn't worry about clothing."

There's a public hearing at Tuesday night's council meeting. Iberville Parish will vote on the ordinance next month.

Image: WBRZ