BATON ROUGE- Among the eleven pre-filed bills that lawmakers hope to become law during the regular legislative session at the state capitol, one requires doctors report performing an abortion.


Written by Monroe Democrat and House member Katrina Jackson, House Bill 388, creates a catalog of procedures when one is performed in Louisiana.


Once the bill is introduced, it will follow the typical procedures of being assigned to a special committee for debate before returning to the House for a full discussion and possible vote. HB 388 has been provisionally referred to the Committee on Health and Welfare, where Jackson is a member. Twenty-one people sit on the committee, made up of 12 Republicans and 9 Democrats.


Jackson did not respond to a call for comment on this story.


Recently, Governor Bobby Jindal called the proposed law a strong way to protect life in Louisiana. Friday, his office said "these reforms will build upon the work Governor Jindal has done to make Louisiana the most pro-life state in the nation."


Governor Jindal said, "Promoting a culture of life in Louisiana has been an important priority of mine since taking office, and I am proud to support these bills this legislative session. In this state, we uphold a culture of life that values human beings as unique creatures who were made by our Creator. These bills will build upon all we have done the past six years to protect the unborn."


But, the ACLU blasts the measure calling it unnecessary burden.


The bill does "nothing to enhance women's health," Marjorie R. Esman, the Executive Director of the ACLU in Louisiana said Monday. "This bill will have dangerous adverse public health consequences, and will do nothing to protect the women of Louisiana," she said.


The state's regular session began Monday and ends on June 2.

Image: WBRZ