PORT ALLEN - For the first time in West Baton Rouge Parish history, a petition to recall an elected official was turned in Tuesday morning to the Registrar of Voters Stacy Ryan. The petition targets Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter.

Deloris Kibby and Millie Jackson are the chairwomen of the petition, and turned it in with smiles on their faces.

"I made history a few minutes ago, first time ever," Kibby told reporters after submitting the petition.

Slaughter took office in January. Her actions caused the state legislative auditor to investigate her office. She has also been taken to court by a current employee and several council members.

Organizers of the petition needed 1,273 names, or 33.3 percent of the registered voters in the community for a recall election. They say they have over the amount needed.

The registrar will have 15 days to certify the signatures. Those names will be turned into Governor Jindal, who will have 15 days to order a recall election. If he does, the earliest it can go on the ballot is November.

Mayor Deedy Slaughter said she was disappointed by the petition. She told News 2 she believes she's being targeted because she's black.

"From day one, I felt the three white council members had something to do with this," Slaughter said. "When you look at the vote, it went down the line. It would always be the three white councilmen voting against everything I presented."

Kibby, who is African American said race had nothing to do with this petition.

"Do you see what color I am," Kibby asked. "That's my daddy over there, what color is he?"

Kibby said everyone she has spoken to has expressed their unhappiness with the way Port Allen is being run right now. Slaughter said she has plans to counteract the recall petition, but would not go into detail yet.

"There are some counteracts that are in place, but I can't give it at this time," Slaughter said.

Registrar Stacy Ryan said the petition will be under high security and stored somewhere else to prevent tampering.