BATON ROUGE - Explosives experts detonated a grenade from World War II today after it was found in an East Baton Rouge Parish driveway.

Sheriff's deputies reopened Highland Road near the property after the bomb squad detonated the device, which they said as a "pineapple" explosive.

Homeowner Skip Gill told News 2 the men working on his driveway alerted him to what they thought was a grenade early this morning. He called 911 immediately.

"I spread it about a month ago and it's been laying out there for about a month, exposed and I never saw it," Gill said. "I didn't think it was live until they blew it up. I had my doubts that it was a live grenade until they blew it up."

Authorties say the grenade could have seriously harmed the men working in the area if it had gone off, and possibly done damage to the garage.

EBRSO bomb technicians built a device to safely detonate the grenade, then used a robot to move the grenade away from the home and road before blowing it up.

There were no injuries, and no word yet on where the grenade may have come from.