GONZALES- After a zoning vote that would keep one electric company out of the city, the Gonzales council approved a special zoning permit for Summit Electric Supply to build a new facility on LA 44.

The company was seeking the special permit on the plot of land already zoned C-2.

"We were positive in hoping that it would be, we kind of understood the zoning process and being that it was a C-2 we felt real confident," said Chip Shows with Summit Electric Supply.

The council also moved to reconsider a vote that pushed Crawford Electric out of town.

That vote centered around a request to rezone a plot of land, across the street from Summit's property, from a C-1 to a C-2, which would allow them to build a bigger facility.

Last month, the council couldn't get enough votes to approve the rezoning, so Crawford settled on a location outside of the city limits.

"I'm just sick and tired of three of them voting against anything that would provide jobs to the city, or anything to improve the city," said Gonzales resident William Prestridge, referring to councilmen Gary Lacombe, Terance Irvin, and Timothy Vessel.

The mayor was also confused that there was no objection to the Summit project, even after the concerns over Crawford's rezoning bid.

"Hate to lose it, you know it's just kind of a strange thing that you've got these folks that'll vote one way just right across the street where the other one was going, and I don't know, it makes you scratch your head sometimes," said Mayor Barney Arceneaux.

Image: WBRZ