PORT ALLEN - The former payroll clerk for Port Allen took the city to court today over vacation pay and the timing of when it was paid.

Robin Ackerman quit in August, after she said she'd had enough.

"Despite numerous demands, the mayor did not comply timely with the law, so we filed suit to compel compliance," Ackerman's attorney Seth Dornier said.

Dornier believes Mayor Deedy Slaughter broke the law when she didn't pay Ackerman her accrued vacation time in a timely fashion. It wasn't until Ackerman filed a lawsuit that the $6,347.23 was paid.

The demands and caution about not breaking the law are hi-lighted in documents the News 2 Investigative Unit obtained. An email dated 8/30/13 from Chief Financial Officer Audrey McCain to Mayor Slaughter states, "It is imperative that you provide the accrued vacation pay to Robin Ackerman within the time provided by the law."

The brand new city attorney, Lance Joseph declined to do an on-camera interview because the litigation is pending. News 2 reached out to Mayor Slaughter, who also declined an on-camera interview.

"It's very frustrating because Ms. Ackerman didn't want to result to having a legal proceeding to get paid," Dornier said. "After 18 years of stellar performance, 20 months before she could take retirement, she couldn't go anymore."

Ackerman said 14 days after she quit, she finally got her vacation pay from the city. She's not sure if she would have received it, if she didn't file a lawsuit.

All sides are due back in court on December 4, unless attorneys can reach a settlement out of court.

Meanwhile, a recall election is scheduled in a couple of weeks to possibly remove Mayor Slaughter from office. She has been the subject of numerous reports by the News 2 Investigative Unit since February.

Image: WBRZ