PORT ALLEN - A judge in Port Allen scheduled a trial for March 31 for issues surrounding embattled ex-mayor Deedy Slaughter.

When Slaughter walked out of court, she said, "I'm ready for it to be over."

The issues involve controversial decisions she made during her short 11 months as mayor, before voters recalled her. Slaughter fired Chief Financial Officer Audrey Mccain when News 2 received public records we requested that showed questionable spending on the mayor's part.

McCain was reinstated by Judge Alvin Batiste, and the CFO sued when Slaughter continued to defy Batiste's orders not to meddle in her work.

"Ms. McCain has been terribly harmed," Her attorney, Seth Dornier said. "She wants her day in court, and we will prevail."

Slaughter appeared in court Wednesday, but didn't utter a word as she walked in. The biggest issue in Wednesday's hearing involved a missing book that contains important details surrounding minutes from meetings and more. That book was never supposed to leave City Hall, but was last seen in Chief of Staff Ralph Slaughter's hands according to court testimony.

"We submitted it into evidence," Slaughter's attorney Ron Johnson said.

However, a clerk said the book is not in evidence, and McCain's attorneys were perplexed that the book could just vanish.

"I'm concerned," Dornier said. "This is certainly a first for me."

The trial on March 31 should take a couple of days, whether the book is found or not.

Image: WBRZ