CLINTON (WBRZ) - A small town in East Feliciana Parish is taking a drastic measure to stop crime.

The Clinton mayor, the entire city council and the police chief have decided to implement a curfew for anyone in the town.

The curfew started May 30th and will last until July 3rd. It is enforced seven days a week from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

"The main reason is we have people standing in the street. We have cars from different areas riding through the town at all times of the night," Police Chief Fredrick Dunn said. "It's to keep the juveniles as well as the adults off the street because it's more than the juveniles that's walking and hanging in the street."

Anyone walking or driving suspiciously through Clinton during the summer nights will get stopped. The first time officers will issue a warning, the second time a summons and the third offense could land them in jail.

At night, crowds of people will gather in the street and not move, Dunn said.

"Most of them are bold. They'll just turn around and say wait until we finish then move," Dunn said. "That's not going to happen in the Town of Clinton, not under my watch."

But some residents call the curfew unfair.

"That ain't my curfew. I pay taxes in this town. I come home when I'm ready to come home," Clinton resident Edward Simmons said. "That's a silly thing. You going to stop a man from walking at night because I get thirsty and I want to go to the drink machine to get me a drink? You going to stop me from my freedom? No! I'm going to walk."

"Curfew to me is working. If one person is protected, then hey I'm satisfied with it," Dunn said.

Image: WBRZ