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Drivers raise a stink about bad gas

Drivers raise a stink about bad gas
Posted March 26th, 2014 @ 2:22am

BATON ROUGE - Mechanics around the Capital City say they have serviced dozens of cars with fuel-related issues since last Tuesday.

"It's pretty unusual, pretty unusual for those concerns," said Price LeBlanc Toyota Customer Relations Manager Todd Hodges. His staff "didn't find any mechanical or electrical issues" after looking under the hood, he said.

Hodges says mechanics are noticing a fuel color that's lighter than normal. They've taken samples and have sent them off for further testing. In terms of how to fix the problem, Hodges says there isn't an answer, yet.

"It could be as simple as cleaning the system out, and putting fresh fuel back in," he said. "It could be deeper than that, we don't know."

Drivers have reported issues with their vehicles in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette. Until there is a solution, many people are without a car and drivers say they're frustrated.

Lindsey Pepitone says her car and her husbands car had problems starting Tuesday morning after filling up at different gas stations last week.

"It sounded like there was a bunch of people in the engine, banging on the walls," said Pepitone.

A mechanic told her husband the engine would need to be replaced.

"Unfortunately, our options are to either purchase a new engine or purchase a new car," she said.

Maurice Franks, a law professor at Southern University, says he missed work Wednesday because his car wouldn't start.

"I don't know if it's being fixed or if it's totaled," said Franks. "I'm certainly not willing to accept anything less than what I had before."

If your car has a problem starting or isn't running like normal, mechanics say get it checked out. Customers with questions or concerns about fuel they may have purchased should contact ExxonMobil North America Customer Care toll free at 855-300-2659.

Image: WBRZ

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