GONZALES (WBRZ) - An Ascension Parish deputy is out of a job and behind bars after deputies accused him of child pornography and indecent behavior with a juvenile.

Todd Tripp, 24, was fired and arrested Tuesday, just hours after deputies learned of the allegations.

Deputies executed a search warrant at his Gonzales home and seized a cell phone, an iPad, and a computer, after receiving the tip Tuesday morning.

"We had an attorney who contacted us, [the attorney] was part of the victim's family's custody issues and she was made aware of it by one of the parents," said Sheriff Jeff Wiley. "Frankly the evidence was graphic and compelling and obvious."

Wiley said Tripp met the boy online and then later met him at a shopping mall in Baton Rouge. He said the former deputy texted graphic pictures and received some from the teen on his cell phone.

"This was the next step in the process, of an older person, frankly of a predator trying to, you know, manipulate a 15-year old," said Sheriff Wiley.

Neighbors were relieved the Sheriff acted so quickly, but are worried someone who was sworn to protect them was on the wrong side of the law.

"It kind of messed my head up to know that this guy was a police officer and he's here to protect everyone and then you hear something about this," said the neighbor, who didn't want to be identified. "It's just messed up, because I have little girls and I've seen him out there while they were outside playing."

Sheriff Wiley said there was no evidence the two ever had sex, but added more charges could be coming.