BATON ROUGE (WBRZ)  - Deputies in East Baton Rouge Parish accused two women of killing a child they said had a blow to the head and other injuries.

"When we brought both women in, neither of them seemed to know how the child received blunt forced trouble to the head," said EBRSO spokesperson Casey Hicks.

Investigators charged Tiara Dunmars, 23, and her life-partner Jacqueline Cheatham, 21, with first degree murder in the death of Justyce Cheatham, Jacqueline's 23-month-old son.

Deputies said EMS took the child to the hospital on June 6 after the women said the child stopped breathing. He died two days later.

Detectives said an autopsy revealed today the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. The report also noted the child had old fractures to the ribs, brain swelling, closed head injuries with multiple impact points, bruising, and old fractures above the ankles.

According to the autopsy the fatal head injury happened in the early morning hours of June 6 while Justyce was in the care of his mother and her partner.

"I don't think it's true, because they were very nice people, very understanding," said neighbor Tyrone Addison. "They loved their kid. When I seen them they were always smiling and happy"

Other neighbors are not so forgiving.

"They need to be punished and punished bad, because that's a little baby," said neighbor Paul Gibson. "There is no call for that."

Detectives arrested both women Tuesday afternoon, and booked them into the parish jail.