SAINT AMANT - A strip of Highway 935 where two children died in Ascension Parish is being recommended for closure by the state.

Wednesday, the Department of Transportation released their findings into the Stringer Bridge Road area along Black Bayou.

In February 2012, Faith Castilaw, 9 and Patience Lobell, 7, died after a car they were driving crashed into Black Bayou.

The DOTD studied ways to make the road safer.

The agency listed four long term suggestions:
1. Closure of the Stringer Bridge Road to vehicular traffic 
2. Installation of guardrail between travel lanes and Black Bayou
3. Realignment of LA 935 
4. The addition of a bulkhead on LA 935 along Black Bayou

"I know the Department of Transportation has done several studies," St. Amant Fire Chief James Leblanc said. "We haven't responded to another accident on Stringer Bridge Road since this fatality happened two years ago."

Legislators and local officials will meet with DOTD during the next few months to discuss the next steps.

"To shut Stringer Bridge Road down, I don't that should even be in the ball park," Leblanc said.

Image: WBRZ