BATON ROUGE - A number of people in the Baton Rouge area have been warned by their banks that credit and debit cards have been compromised.

Some people's warning also comes with bad news; it was too late and purchases were made out of state or out of the United States.

"I got a phone call from my bank, telling me they suspected fraudulent charges on my bank card," said A.D. Guzman. "As I was talking to them I noticed there was a charge for $186 at [a gas station] in Ohio."

Guzman told WBRZ News 2 he has friends and colleagues who have also had similar issues.

The rash of fraudulent charges has prompted the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office to investigate. Deputies believe they have traced some of the thefts to a business in town.

The sheriff's office said hackers are stealing the information and waiting before running the cards, making it harder for law enforcement to track where the breach came from.

Experts suggest checking accounts often.

If you have experienced a fraudulent charge recently, call law enforcement.