BATON ROUGE - Councilman Buddy Amoroso will ask for an additional 30 days to consider the possible annexation of the Mall of Louisiana into the city.

The move comes as the council prepares to vote on the annexation petition tomorrow at the Metro Council meeting.

"We shouldn't rush into this, I'm going to be asking for a 30 day deferral, I'd like to see a report from the St. George Fire Department, I'd like to see a report from the Baton Rouge Fire Department to see how much it would cost for annexation, I think it's reasonable to ask for additional time," said Amoroso.

This comes just after the St. George Fire Chief sent an open letter to citizens claiming the annexation would take a chunk of money out of their budget.

"They act like they lose the money right now, some of those taxes will roll off five years from now, six years from now, but that wasn't mentioned, it's like automatically if you vote annexation then they're gonna lose fire protection, that is 100 percent incorrect," said Mayor Kip Holden.

Amoroso still wants concrete evidence before making a decision.

"What are the affects of the annexation? What are the affects on the fire department? What are the affects of the mall coming into the city of Baton Rouge?" said Amoroso, "Let's know all the facts before we vote on this."

The council also requested an opinion from the attorney general as to whether the annexation would affect the current petition for the city of St. George.

Image: WBRZ