Attorneys filed a class action lawsuit today against the operator of a Geismar chemical which exploded yesterday, killing one person and injuring dozens.

Attorneys with the Becnel Law Firm of LaPlace filed suit in Ascension Parish today against Williams Olefins, the company which operates the plant.

They allege in the suit that their client and others were hurt by the release of "toxic, noxious, and harmful chemicals" in the smoke caused by the explosion, and accused Williams Olefins of being negligent in the maintenance of their equipment.

Investigators still haven't determined what caused the explosion at the Williams Olefins plant early Thursday morning. State Police said it killed one person, 29-year-old Zachary Green, and injured 73.

People around the plant were advised to shelter in place after the explosion yesterday. The state Department of Environmental Quality said Thursday that the air readings did not show any harmful elements around the plant, and the sheltering order was lifted after a few hours.

Williams Olefins has a press conference scheduled today for noon to give updates about the explosion