BATON ROUGE- A settlement deal, first reported by the WBRZ Investigative Unit last month, between the city and the family of a man who was killed by police has been stopped by the city council and the mayor's office.

A source told the Investigative Unit, despite a letter supporting the settlement by an arbitrator, the mayor won't approve money for the payout. Attorneys for Carlos Harris, 21, are asking for $350,000. The amount was dropped from the nearly $500,000 being sought when the story first broke.

Dash cam video shows chaos at Insomnia Bar off Florida Boulevard three years ago where Harris was shot by officer Christopher MaGee. MaGee said he felt threatened after telling Harris to move his friend's car who was being detained. MaGee reported Harris drove the vehicle into other vehicles parked in the lot and was about to drive into a group of people when he opened fire.

The recording from numerous police cruisers captured other officers urging MaGee not to fire. The recordings, coupled with a toxicology test showing Harris was legally too drunk to drive, were part of the reasons why an attorney for the government said a settlement was warranted.

Wednesday, the Metro Council refused to make a decision on the case.

Image: WBRZ