BATON ROUGE (WBRZ) - Supporters, detractors and people still trying to make up their minds about the proposed City of St. George listened to a fiery sermon from a minister who says Baton Rouge is a dragon, needing to be slayed.

"There are dragons, fire-breathing dragons," Rev. C.L. Bryant said Thursday night. "Dragons with money. Dragons with ulterior motives. Dragons who do not have your interests at heart, who want to stop you from doing what you know is the right thing, the time is right, right now, to do it."

Hundreds gathered at Woodlawn Baptist Church to talk about the plan to form the City of St. George.

"The question is again, what are you prepared to do," asked Bryant. "That is the question that all of us, regardless of where we live, must answer."

Long-time Baton Rouge resident Sandra Jones is still weighing her options, even after signing the petition.

"I'm here to learn more about the restructuring of the district," said Jones.

The proposed city would encompass over 100,000 people with the possibility of six new schools.

City of St. George spokesperson Lionel Rainey spoke of "keeping things local;" including schools, government and tax dollars.

The petition to form the City of St. George has almost 9,000 signatures, half of what's needed to bring the city to a vote.

Organizers are now aiming for 20,000 signatures to account for those thrown out during the certification process.

Image: WBRZ