CENTRAL - Newly elected Mayor of Central, Junior Shelton, says his top priorities are economic development and a new drainage systemn.

"We want to protect the property values of all of our citizens and you have to do that through a drainage program," said Shelton.

Voters also chose J

James Salsbury as Chief of Police. He tells News 2 that his priority is to build a city court at Central city hall.

"A lot of the citizens have some issues that haven't been dealt with, drainage issues, we've been saving a lot of money, we've got money in the savings account and it's time to put that money back to work for the people who paid those taxes," said newly elected Council Member Shane Evans.

John Vance, Wayne Messina and "Kim" Fralick were also elected to be Central Council Members. There is a runoff for the fifth seat, between Jason Ellis, and Ralph Washington.

Image: WBRZ