BATON ROUGE - CATS leaders are addressing an issue that has been neglected for years.

For five years when a rider puts a newer $5 bill in the farebox, it often did not get collected. The software is not compatible with the redesigned money.

"Typically what would happen is that $5 bill would kick out and the operator has to manually put in that it received a $5 bill," CATS interim CEO Bob Mirabito said.

CATS board members approved the $26,000 cost to replace 60 fareboxes.

Newly appointed board chair Marston Fowler was unaware of the problem.

"It's another item in a long list of things that are long overdue," Fowler said.

"CATS had not invested in a new validator. So basically, we've asked the board and receive approval for 60 new units that will get put into the farebox that will now validate the $5 bill," Mirabito said.

Mirabito does not believe the outdated system is what is responsible for more than $101,000 going missing from fareboxes over a three and a half year span.

Administrators will place the order for the upgrades Wednesday.

Image: WBRZ