ZACHARY (WBRZ) - A device detonated by bomb squads Saturday night was merely a training tool according to Police. 

Jimmy Baker, owner of the Advance Mini-Storage, found the briefcase with his grandson in an abandoned locker. 

"When you open the lid up there were rows of nails siliconed to the top of the lid, the cell phone was siliconed to the center of the lid, there were a couple of wires going up to the switch on the top and then a couple of wires going from the cell phone into the clay," said Baker, who immediately contacted police. 

Zachary Police called in bomb squads from Baton Rouge Police and the Sheriff's office as well as members of the FBI. 

Investigators were able to contact the previous tenant of the storage locker, who turned out to be a retired bomb squad officer from Miami

Police detonated the device to be safe, but agreed it was a training device. 

"If it was a training device, nobody in the bomb squad was willing to take any chances with it, it must have looked pretty real to them," said Baker. 

No other storage units were affected by the situation. 

There's still no word on whether the retired officer will face charges for the incident.

Image: WBRZ