BATON ROUGE - The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board deliberated for three hours, discussing ways to improve teacher effectiveness.

Thursday night, the board approved a strategic plan for the 2013 school year that would mean the district's worst teachers could be fired. Under the plan, a teacher rated ineffective shall be offered the opportunity to participate in a rehabilitation program. If the training does not help them improve their education tools, that teacher will automatically lose their position.

Those teachers who rank in the top 25 percent state-wide of performance in terms of improving student achievement will be rewarded.

"This says that we're going to reward good teachers," said Craig Freeman, who represents District 6. "I think to a person on this board and in this community, we value excellend teaching."

The plan created a lot of heat from board members and audience members, many of whom are educators.

"I'm not saying throw it out, but I'm saying be very careful," said one woman.

Some say there should be more input from teachers.

"So often, everybody wants to do something to help education, but they don't include educators," an educator in the audience said.

The strategic plan is just a guide for the school board, and it's up to the board to enforce the recommendations.