BATON ROUGE (WBRZ) - An incident at a gas station has captured the attention of a man producing a documentary on violence in Baton Rouge.

Wendell Richardson specifically will feature what some are calling a race-fueled attack of a family at a gas station near Scenic Highway and Plank Roads two weekends ago.

"I think documentaries do help us find out what the problem is to get down to the grass roots of it and do something about it," Richardson said.

One person was arrested and two cited after a family said they were attacked at a gas station. One of the suspects told them "You're in the wrong neighborhood" before attacking them, according to police. Investigators said the three victims were white, and their attackers were black.

Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie issued a statement last week saying a mistake was made by not booking the two cited suspects into parish prison.

The title of Richardon's documentary will be "70805, America's Most Dangerous ZIP Code." Although the documentary will feature the beating, the gas station where it happened is actually in 70802.

"I was really upset about it, because it seems instead of getting better, it's getting worse," Richardson said.

District Attorney Hillar Moore told News 2 charges could be upgraded for the two people cited in the attack.