BATON ROUGE - Devin Parker testified Thursday that he was with Casey Gathers and Michael Lewis when the they murdered two LSU graduate students.

According to Parker, he and the two defendants never discussed a plan to rob or kill anyone before entering the apartment on LSU's campus. Parker said he ran to the getaway car once Gathers shot Kiran Allam in the head.

Parker claims he heard the gunshot that killed Komma seconds after he fled from the apartment.

While being questioned by defense attorneys, Parker admitted to being under the influence during that day, forgetting key details about the crime scene. Parker also failed to remember where he and the defendants were before the double murder.

The co-conspirator has provided investigators three separate statements concerning the incident that lead to the murder of Kiran Allam and Chadrasekhar Komma. All of Parker's statements have differing and contradicting details.

Parker claimed that police roughed him up during his second statement, putting him under duress.

In exchange for his testimony, Parker agreed to a deal with the prosecution, pleading guilty to charges of armed robbery and accessory to murder.

Gathers and Lewis currently face charges of second-degree murder for killing Allam and Komma in December of 2007.

Image: WBRZ