GONZALES (WBRZ)  - People in Ascension Parish who are a part of the parish sewage system could see a hike in their monthly bill.

The parish operates five sewer treatment plants and about 500 people pay $30 a month to be a part of it. $400,000 dollars comes out of the general fund to pay for it, and parish officials say a proposed additional $12.50 charge will help save the budget.

"You want to make sure that the people who are getting the service are paying for that service and that's what our goal is. With that is to minimize that deficit as much as possible," said parish councilman Benny Johnson.

John Standolph lives in Darrow, and has been a part of the system for about five years. He says he understands the need for the raise, but that extra money could hurt his budget.

"It has to be done but it's scrapping pennies for this, pennies for that. Now it just makes it harder for somewhere else," said John Sandolph.

It's been about ten years since the parish has increased sewer rates. The parish council will vote on the increase next month.

Image: WBRZ