PORT ALLEN- Arrest records suggest a former, high-ranking West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's deputy, who was arrested three days ago, was involved romantically with two paid informants and gave one of them items from the evidence locker.

Mervin Jerome Fontenot faces possession with intent to distribute drugs and malfeasance in office charges. Before his arrest, he was a major in the department.

According to documents obtained by the WBRZ News 2 Investigative Unit, Fontenot is accused of giving one of the women a 50 inch TV, a computer, and a game console. All items but the TV were returned to evidence and eventually to the proper owners. When questioned, Fontenot said the TV broke while it was illegally on loan to the woman.

According to investigators, the case against Fontenot began in March when possible issues with an upcoming case were brought to light. By the beginning of April, Fontenot was arrested.

When he was arrested, Fontenot was in the Information Technology Division after being reassigned almost a year earlier when his colleagues in the Narcotics Division saw him removing the items from the evidence locker.

Deputies said Fontenot confessed and the woman he was involved with also said he asked her to "shoot him up" with drugs during a Louisiana Narcotics Officers Association conference in New Orleans in 2013.

Fontenot was arrested on April 7th after he took a briefcase full of drugs home when he was allowed to clean out his office. The drugs were from a series of cases Fontenot oversaw as leader of the narcotics division, according to the arrest report.

The woman involved with Fontenot told investigators, she has had to call police on Fontenot because he harasses her since they are no longer together. She also said he is now engaged to her mother, who is highly addicted to drugs.

According to investigators, Fontenot admitted to the allegations against him.

Image: WBRZ