WBRZ News 2: 

DONALDSONVILLE - Sheriff Jeff Wiley confirmed one person is dead after the second explosion in as many days at a chemical plant in Ascension Parish.

Investigators said workers pumped too much nitrogen into an 18-wheeler at the CF Industries Plant in Donaldsonville, causing it to rupture and ignite before 7 p.m.

State Police reported five people were injured in the blast, while Acadian Ambulance said they've transported seven people to local hospitals. They said workers pumped too much pressurized nitrogen into the truck, which caused it to rupture.

State Police said the fire is out and the scene is secure. Traffic is being directed around the roads near the plant.

The CF Industries Plant in Donaldsonville is the largest producer of nitrogen in the nation, according to the company's website. In 2000 OSHA levied a six-figure fine against the company after an explosion in an ammonia unit there killed three workers and injured eight.