GONZALES (WBRZ) - For years, solicitors in Ascension Parish have not had guidelines for door-to-door sales. Mayor Barney Arceneaux says lately, there have been an increase in solicitors and new rules are necessary for the city of Gonzales.

At the next city council meeting, the city will propose a new law requiring peddlers to register with the city and wear identification.

"A lot of times, if I don't know who they are, and I don't know what they're selling, I won't answer the door," said Becky Dinnel. "I'll pretend I'm not at home."

Others say they want solicitors out of the city.

"People working, they don't have time to come home from work and be harassed," said Cecil Anderson.

City leaders are working to make new rules requiring solicitors to carry a permit, and setting a specific time for people to walk neighborhoods.

Under the new law, a permit would cost $250 and if they're caught breaking the rules, could be arrested.

The council will introduce the ordinance at the next council meeting in October.

Image: WBRZ