PLAQUEMINE- The ACLU sent a letter to Iberville Parish leaders, warning them about a proposed law that bans sagging pants.

The ACLU said the law is unconstitutional and urged the parish council to veto the proposition. It is expected to be discussed Tuesday.

"It makes a criminal of everyone whose pants are not high enough to suit the arbitrary standards of law enforcement," the organization wrote. The group said, specifically, the law is vague and too broad.

The ACLU also warned of the fairness of the law.

"If intended to prohibit the type of clothing commonly known as "saggy pants," this Ordinance would inevitably raise questions about racial profiling or disproportionate enforcement."

But, those supporting the move disagree.

"It's frustrating to look at," councilman Louis "Pete" Kelley recently told WBRZ News 2.

"I don't think that anybody should have to go to a store, or anywhere in this parish, and look at sagging pants where the undergarment is showing," said Kelley.

Kelley is proposing a first offender be fined $50, the second offense is $100 and a third is $100 plus community service.

Image: WBRZ